Saturday, 5 January 2013

Welcome to the Casa Perfecta

One of the following statements is true:

  • Our house is called La Casa Perfecta for good reason. It is light, spacious and airy. All the rooms exude a feeling of peace and tranquility. Much thought has gone into the materials and crafting of both the building and its contents.  It has been carefully designed so that its occupants achieve a strong sense of energy and well-being. Everything about the house is beautiful and life-enhancing.

  • La Casa Perfecta is a 1960s bungalow in a cul-de-sac of similarly ugly bungalows. The rooms are tiny boxes filled with junk and there is so little light that everything in it withers, including us. 

  • La Casa Perfecta is a comfortable family home with an informal atmosphere in which everyone can relax and be happy. The house is simply decorated and nicely furnished, as well as being admirably energy efficient.

How did you get on?

And now to the garden of La Casa. 

Here is Burlington Bertie looking out onto the garden in spring. You will see a couple of benches facing south onto the valley. 

This is the view which causes La Casa visitors to oooo and ahhhh.

Here is the same view in winter, when the benches are covered in snow and the willow tree is a glorious shade of orangey red. This also causes visitors to oooo and ahhh but that may be due to the fact that La Casa has no central heating.  It does have a woodstove though. 

When sitting on the bench it is important to keep looking straight ahead at the southerly view as shown above. As an aide-memoir, think of the song Blow the Wind Southerly

If you turn your head around and look northwards you get an entirely different view. 

See what I mean? 

Keep focusing on the view to the south. Or east. The view to the east is very nice too. 

There are magnificent rainbows over the marsh, reminding us that La Casa Perfecta really is somewhere over the rainbow. 

Here is the same view from La Casa's sundeck, facing east. 

Oh yes, we have a sundeck. Because Paradise Island has such a lot of sun. This has always been the case.

In the interest of balance though, here is the marsh looking like The Slough of Despond.

You could do worse than look to the west, where there is a little summerhouse furnished with, guess what, a couple of benches. In spring the summerhouse is smothered in cascades of clematis flowers.

Oh yes, the westerly view is very pretty indeed.

Moving on down the garden now towards the three veg patches where we grow enough to be entirely self-sufficient enjoy a few fresh salads. There is an orchard containing eleven fruit trees. Yes, eleven trees constitutes an orchard; I looked this up.

Before the orchard there is a substantial rose garden filled with an abundance of blooms from which I make amazing pot pourri in a full array of colours. No, just joking. There are five roses in total.

Near the roses you'll see a little pop-up bench from Ikea which folds up nicely and can be set up anywhere. It has even been known to pop up at various places and no doubt has its own stories to tell. Another time perhaps. I'm still trying to show you La Casa's garden. 

Here is the garden in October a few years ago. Since then, some things have changed, for example the willow tree has got completely out of control and Frank, our pleasant pheasant, has flown away to the great Peanut in the Sky.

Also, benchwise, we have some new benches, one small, one large, and the rickety old bench shown above has been dismantled and stuffed into the woodstove. 

But enough of woodstoves. To end this tour, here is the garden at the height of summer.

And finally, you may notice how, by focusing entirely on the garden and the oooo-ahhhh view at La Casa Perfecta, I have carefully avoided showing you anything at all of the house. 

Just so you don't feel cheated, here is a photo of our kitchen at La Casa Perfecta. 

So the question remains: is La Casa really Perfecta? Or did we just buy the house because the garden is so amazing? 


La Casa Perfecta is perfectly situated in Fribble-under-Par on Paradise Island. Paradise Island is hard to find on the map, but it's not a million miles from the Isle of Wight. For more about Fribble and its unusual inhabitants, see Who's Who in Fribble-under-Par.

The north-facing view of the garden is an old internet image.  All other photographs were taken by Miggy or my husband, His Excellency, or Miggy's Mum.

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